Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Young Women's

This is a good majority of my girls, a couple are missing!

What an experience I have had serving in the Young Women's program- it has been an amazing year and a half. I started as the Beehive advisor, then moved up to the Mia Maid advisor- man what a blast I have had learning and growing with each one of them! I will never forget those girls. They have made such a huge impression on my heart and spirit. My testimony has grown so strong by just being around them. Seeing the struggles that they face each and every day being one of the very few members in their school yet they are not influenced by what others think- they stand for what they believe in and that's what makes them so great! They have been such an example to me by simply being themselves. Each with such a unique personality and a variety of talents, but they all stood for truth and righteousness. I know that I learned far more from them that they did from me. I have formed bonds that will last a life time!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have served with some pretty miraculous women as well, that took me under their wing and thought me everything I know! They were women that were true to the standards and taught through their actions, not just their words! They were my example. I constantly strived to be a better example, leader, teacher, wife and friend- they made me what to be a better me.

I found out a couple months ago that I was going to be released at the first of the year because we are about to move (I cried like a baby of course). Which meant that I needed to kick it in gear if I wanted to pass of the Personal Progress Program as a leader before being released. Needless to say I have been a slacker at doing my personal progress, so over the last couple of months I have been working my tail off to pass off my experiences and finish the virtue project which is reading the Book of Mormon. I was in Alma about a week ago and have been reading every chance I got and finished it in the nick of time (the day before New Beginnings).

Tuesday night was New Beginning, the theme was "Come to the Light Within", it was such a beautiful program given by the Presidency. I am so proud to be a Young Women, I have learned so much through the Personal Progress program. It had helped me to start new habits, think before I act, stand for the things that I believe in, reflect on our standards and why they are there and overall how I can become a better women, wife and someday a mother. All of my hard work paid off and I was able to recieve my Young Womanhood Recognition. It was a bitter sweet moment for me, because I actually enjoyed passing the experiences off each week- you feel a great sense of accomplishment and gain such a wealth of knowledge by following what each experience says. I truly have gained a better understanding of the scriptures and a stronger testimony and have experienced so many blessing that come when you are working toward spiritual goals that assist you in becoming the person that Heavenly Father intended you to be!

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