Sunday, January 8, 2012

We bought a new car!

Back in August Hank had to sell his Infiniti FX 35 to ensure that we had the money that we needed to put 20% down on our house. It was very sad- because we loved that car and it was paid off. So since then we have just been driving the Corolla and mom and dad's Mercedes while they have been in Cambodia. We thought it was a great plan until mom and dad came back early, we were left with one car.... Since both of us work it was a must that we buy a car. So as a graduation/Christmas present my sweet husband put a down payment on my dream car! A 2012 Litmited Edition Jeep Liberty. It is a B E A UTIFUL charcoal, fully loaded with heated leather seats, remote start, GPS, and an alarm system to top it off!
What a perfect graduation present, it will forever symbolize all the hard work that I put in over the past five years and finally getting my degree! I had such a great support system- I don't think that I could have done it without his patience, love and understanding. Thank you babe!!

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